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Beaphar Caniguard Protect Anti-Parasitic Solution for Dog 250ml

Beaphar Caniguard Protect Anti-Parasitic Solution for Dog 250ml

250ml Bottle pulverizer
Price per kg/L: £48.40
AerosolCaution: Selling this product is prohibited in the United Kingdom.

Beaphar Caniguard Protect Anti-Parasitic Solution for Dog 250ml is an anti-parasitic spray for dog with permethrine, a molecule of the pyrethroid family which is characterized by its insecticidal and acaricidal activity.

Due to its composition, this spray for dog protects against fleas and ticks.

This flask of 250ml allows to treat more than 4 months an adult dog weighing between 20 to 30 kg for more than 4 months.

Directions for use

External use.

During the first use, strongly press the trigger of the pump so as to break the inviolability.
Unscrew the base of the pump between ½ and 1 full turn.
Apply the product to a clean, dry coat.
Treat all parts of the body.
Distribute the product evenly.
Spray the product on the animal, against the grain in sufficient quantity to completely wet the coat and penetrate to the skin: taking care to avoid the eyes.
Do not wipe or rinse the animal after application and let it dry naturally or with a dryer pulsating hot air.
Brush and comb.

  • Dogs up to 3 kg: 0,2g of permethrin or 4 sprays.
  • Dog from 3 to 9kg: 0,5g of permethrin or 10 sprays.
  • Dog from 9 to 20 kg: 1g of permethrin or 20 sprays.
  • Dog 20 to 30 kg: 1,5g of permethrin or 30 sprays.
  • Dogs over 30 kg: 2g of permethrin or 40 sprays.

The treatment should be repeated every 5 weeks.

- Use during pregnancy and lactation:

The use of the specialty during gestation and breastfeeding does not pose any particular problem.

- Contraindication :

Do not use in dogs with hypersensitivity as to the active substance.
Do not use in cats: the medicine can cause fatal convulsions.
Do not use in puppies less than 4 months old.
Do not treat animals that are sick, convalescing or persist with extensive skin lesions.

- Side effects :

Adverse effects mainly digestive (vomiting), nervous (lethargy, tremors, hypersalivation, ataxia or even convulsions) and respiratory (cough, dyspnea, rales) have been observed in dogs. Treatment is symptomatic.

- Special precautions for use in animals:

Avoid spraying the product near the eyes, muzzle or genitals. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Avoid washing the dog after treatment. Keep the treated animal away from all fire and other sources of heat for at least 30 minutes after treatment and until its fur is completely dry.

- Precautions to be taken by the person administering the product to animals:

Wash hands after use. The wearing of gloves for household use are advised during the administration of the product.
Do not breathe the fumes. Use only in well ventilated areas.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accidental exposure, rinse carefully with water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
Do not smoke, drink or eat during the application.
Store away from food and drink.
Do not spray or display near a heat source.
Do not spray for prolonged periods.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not swallow.

- Overdose:

The specialty is well tolerated in dogs up to 5 times the recommended dosage. the main symptoms of an overdose are: hypersensitivity, tremors and locomotor ataxia, even convulsions in the case of the solution with alkaline substances.

- Conservation:

Do not store at a temperature above 25 ° C.

- Special precautions to be taken when disposing of unused product or waste: The product is toxic to fish, bees and certain aquatic organisms.

Empty packaging and any remaining product must be disposed of in accordance with current practices governed by waste regulations.

Indication: Disorders caused by parasites sensitive to permethrin: dogs, elimination of fleas and ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus). For prevention of infestations by fleas and ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) for 5 weeks.

Perméthrine 40/60 : 20 mg - Exicipient qsp 1 ml.

EAN Code 8711231122783
Form Lotion
Presentation Bottle pulverizer
Contents 250ml
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Beaphar Caniguard Protect Anti-Parasitic Solution for Dog 250ml

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