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Biorepul s' Animal Environment Repellent 300 ml

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Aerosol warning 300 ml Bottle-aerosol
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AerosolCaution: This is a flammable aerosol product and cannot be shipped by all of our couriers. Selling veterinary products is prohibited in the United Kingdom.

Biorepul s' Animal Environment Repellent 300 ml is an immediate effect plant based repellent that is safe for animals. It is an aerosol based on Margosa extract and Lemon Eucalyptus oil. Margosa is a tree traditionally used in Indian medicine and agriculture for its repellent properties against ticks, fleas, lice and mosquitoes. It does not stain and is odourless after application. Its oil is obtained by distillation.

Made in France.

Directions for use

Flammable aerosol container: observe precautions for use. Keep away from sources of heat and flame.

Take the animals out of the room and ventilate. Then spray the product on the textiles to focus on (dog/cat baskets, carpets, sofas, cushions...).

Allow the product to dry for about 10 minutes.

Vacuum, having first changed the vacuum bag and sprayed the product inside.

Repeat the operation after 10 days.

It is recommended to test the compatibility with the fabric on a small area.

Keep out of reach of children.

Indication: Animal environment repellent.

Margousier extract (CAS 84696-25-3): 0.93%, Eucalyptus citiodora oil, hydrated cyclized (redefined from mixture of cis and trans-p-menthane- 3.8 diol (citriodiol)) (CAS1245629-80-4) 0.02% mm.


EAN Code 3478000002176
Form Solution
Presentation Bottle-aerosol
Contents 300 ml
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Biorepul s' Animal Environment Repellent 300 ml

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Keep harmful insects and parasites away with the range of Biorepul's products! Prepared with natural ingredients such as Margosa extract or lemon eucalyptus essential oil with naturally repellent properties, Biorepul's products effectively repel mites, fleas and even mosquitoes. The brand offers products suitable for both dogs and cats to suit all needs. Discover on our Cocooncenter site the flagship products of the Biorepul's brand, in particular the anti- repellent mites and insect repellent pipettes for dogs and cats.

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