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Cooper Babysoin Physiological Serum 3 x 30 Single Doses

Cooper Babysoin Physiological Serum 3 x 30 Single Doses

3 x 30 Single Doses of 5ml Batch
Price per kg/L: £10.67
Made in France
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Cooper Babysoin Physiological Serum 3 x 30 Single Doses is a nasal and ophthalmological sterile solution in single dose recipient.

The physiological serum is recommended for washing the nasal cavities and daily eye washing, washing the eyes and nose of infants, children and adults.

  • Nasal use: physiological serum makes it easier to clean the nose of infants, which is often clogged with mucus. It promotes the elimination of excessive secretions. Thanks to its humidifying action, it rapidly soothes the nasal dryness of adult.
  • Ophthalmological use: physiological serum can be used for eye hygiene of infant, by instillation or application of soaked compresses or cotton pads. Physiological serum can also be used for eye hygiene in children and adults, by washing, instillation, eye baths or application of soaked compresses or cotton pads.

Made in France.

Directions for use

Detach a single-dose container and open it by turning its upper part.

  • Nasal use: insert the tip of the single-dose container into the nostril, with the head slightly tilted, and gently squeeze the single-dose container. Then blow your nose or use a baby nose device. In infants, instill the product by exerting a low pressure in order to avoid any risk of contamination of the middle ear.
  • Ophthalmic use: soak a cotton ball then gently wipe the infant's eyelids, or pour a few drops into the eye and wipe with a sterile compress. In adults, the product can be used in the form of instillation, washing or eye baths.

Physiological saline can be used as often as needed, without risk over long periods of time.

In the event of treatment with a drug for nasal or ocular administration, physiological serum should be used before its application and not after.


Do not inject.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not exceed the expiration date.
Do not use the same single-dose container for washing the nose and eyes.
Do not use the same single-dose container for two different people.

Storage at room temperature. Any opened single-dose container must not be reused as the product does not contain preservatives.

As this medical device does not contain preservatives, reuse would lead to the risk of administering a contaminated solution.

Indication: Nasal and ophthalmic solution. Hygiene and softness.
Sodium Chloride0,9g
Purified Waterq.s.p 100ml

EAN Code 0634154673133
Form Serum
Presentation Batch
Contents 3 x 30 Single Doses of 5ml
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Cooper Babysoin Physiological Serum 3 x 30 Single Doses

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