Cotton swabs and tissue paper

Just like earpicks, cotton swabs are mainly used to clean the ear's outer pinna. Their cotton end effectively removes visible earwax residues, dust and bacteria and prevents their entry into the ear canal. Moreover, discover on our online store our selection of disposable, classic or scented paper tissues to ensure your nasal hygiene combined with our products designed for washing the nose.

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Which cotton swab and which tissue paper to choose?

Your Cocooncenter French pharmacy invites you to discover our range of cotton swabs and tissues adapted to the needs and preferences of the entire family.
To ensure your baby's daily ear hygiene, discover cotton swabs from the Luc et Léa brand, made of wood to avoid plastic waste and designed to clean the sensitive area of the ear for children.

To properly use your cotton swab or ear cleaner, insert it gently and only clean the area which is visible. Inserting it too deeply into the ear could push the residual earwax into the ear canal and facilitate the formation of a plug. Also check out our cleaning products for the ears to be used in combination with cotton swabs.

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