Hair removal/Shaving/Bleaching

Wax, epilator, razor, depilatory cream... Today, there are many hair removal and bleaching techniques to remove or conceal unwanted hair, which works on vellus hair, hair on the legs, arms or back. Both for women and men, the hair removal products that we offer on Cocooncenter meet your needs and preferences, regardless of your skin type to effectively remove hair.

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Which hair removal, shaving or bleaching product to choose?

More or less restrictive and painful, long lasting or less durable, our hair removal products can be chosen according to your preferences, your habits and your lifestyle to effectively remove unwanted hair.

Do you want lasting results? Choose depilation waxes! To be applied on cold or hot skin depending on the area, the wax strips ensure clean, soft skin for several weeks. Do you often travel? Our razors, epilators and depilatory creams will allow you to eliminates hairs quickly and without much effort, regardless of the body area. Last but not least, also discover our bleaching creams to conceal your unsightly hair between two waxing sessions.

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