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Our lifestyle, the current industrialized diet and our general consumption which is low in fruits and vegetables do not always allow us to reach the recommended nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. To curb the risk of nutritional deficiencies and emergence of physical and mental disorders, food supplements taken in the form of a cure, provide the required resources to contribute to the proper functioning of the body due to the action of targeted natural active ingredients, when needed.

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Cocooncenter offers a wide range of food supplements for everyone to meet your needs and contribute to the proper functioning of your body.
Regardless of your problem, food supplements offer a natural alternative to ensure sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals in your body such as magnesium or vitamin C. Micronutrition helps you benefit from nutrients that are just as key, to help you remain in good health such as amino acids, the micronutrients or fatty acids, useful for the nervous system.

The supplements as a punctual cure and also favor take care of your skin or your hair in a completely natural manner, in combination with suitable cosmetic care.

Last but not least, we offer a complete range of food supplements specifically made for children and their requirements. Without any added sugar and coloring agents, their taste and packaging are perfectly suited for easy daily intake.

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