Health food supplements

Food supplements come in many forms. In tablets, capsules, drinking solutions or powder, they are made with natural ingredients to meet specific needs. About 15% of men and 28% of women consume health food supplements several times a week,along with supplements which contain magnesium and vitamin C. Food supplements are made for everyone: children, adults, elderly or pregnant women, and are generally consumed during several weeks to several months.

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How to choose a healthy food supplement?

Regardless of your needs, health food supplements contain a plant extract or a combination of several active ingredients which will work in synergy to support your body. Concentrated with plants, nutrients, vitamins or minerals, they contribute to the proper functioning of the body and the various systems that make up our body with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
health food supplements can be used during all stages of life: pregnancy, menopause, aging and during all seasons in the form of capsules or tablets to strengthen the immune defenses or during intense stress periods to support the memory and concentration.
They also support the body in case of temporary or chronic disorders on medical advice. They can contribute to a good digestion, to the normal functioning of the system cardio vascular or even help maintain joints healthy.

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