Cleaning products for the nose and ears

Key for optimal hygiene, using cleaning products for nose and the ears must be done on a daily basis, to avoid earwax plugs and the presence of excessive bacteria in the nasal passage. To help you ensure nasal and hearing hygiene for the entire family, your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers you a wide range of products, in keeping with your needs and preferences of adults and children.

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Which nasal cleanser and ear hygiene product to choose?

For the nasal hygiene, several products are available: find physiological serums, which will help you breathe better every day, eliminate dust and pollution residues, nasal drops specially designed to promote nasal decongestion in the event of a cold or allergy, but also nasal irrigation sachets for a more in-depth cleaning.
Also discover for your ear hygiene our products are specially manufactured and formulated for an easy and comfortable application. To effectively clean the external pavilion, opt for cotton swabs and earpicks. For a more in-depth cleaning of the ear canal, choose a hearing spray based on purified water for daily cleaning, and products in the form of drops to promote the disintegration of earwax plugs with a enema nozzles.

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