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Beauty food supplements / Nutricosmetics

A genuine innovation in the beauty sector, nutri-cosmetics consists of ingesting active ingredients, minerals or nutrients whose goal is to improve the skin quality, but also hair or fingernails. Unlike traditional cosmetics which are effective only on the surface of the epidermis, nutricosmetics passes directly into the cells and takes in-depth action on the dermis and the skin and hypodermis for more effective and long lasting results.

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Why opt for nutri-cosmetics?

By combining nutricosmetics and traditional cosmetic treatments, the effectiveness is even better. The active ingredients in the products used or ingested on a daily basis act in synergy to reduce imperfections, soothe dry and sensitive skin or even fight against skin aging.

Check out a complete range of food supplements adapted to all needs and formulated with ingredients known for their beneficial properties on the skin, hair or nails for a comprehensive and targeted approach.

Regardless of your needs, our food supplements help you reduce signs of aging, to find a beautiful skin or des healthy hair or to fight against dark circles. Our nutri-cosmetic food supplements are generally used in the form of a cure and to be renewed every 3 months for increased effectiveness.

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