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With an increasingly industrialized diet, poor in vitamins, micro-nutrients and minerals, our body is increasingly subject to a high risk of deficiencies. micro-nutrition and taking food supplements on an ad-hoc basis as a cure throughout the year can help maintain optimal levels of nutrients in the body and therefore prevent the appearance of disorders.

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Which food supplement rich in micronutrients to choose?

Most micro-nutrients are not synthesized by the body and must be provided regularly and sufficiently through food. Stress, healthy lifestyle, physical condition and age also greatly affect our nutrient expenditure. Each person is unique: carrying out a health check-up is required to clearly define their needs.

Regardless of the problems you come across, our range of food supplements dedicated to micro-nutrition helps ensure a sufficient level of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and amino acids, nutrients just as important for the functioning and renewal of the cells of our body.

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