Solar food supplements

Whether you want to look good all year round without the sun or prepare your clear, sensitive skin for sun exposure, solar food supplements can be of help in a natural way. Made with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carotenoids, they help protect the skin from free radicals generated by the sun's rays and provide a natural and progressive tan, after a few days of daily intake.

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How to choose the best solar food supplement?

The solar capsules are available in two categories with self-tanning capsules, and dietary tanning supplements that get the skin ready for the sun.

The self-tanning capsules are made for all skin types, even dark skin, to have a natural look throughout the year. The results appear gradually after 10 days of treatment.
Tanning food supplements are recommended for fair skin, responsive to the sun's rays. They shall help maintain normal skin, and limit the formation of free radicals generated by UV rays.
These two types of solar food supplements are formulated with vitamins and minerals which favor hydration, to maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. They don't exempt using an adapted sunscreen.

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