Food supplements for stressful sleep

The problems of stress and sleep disorders affect many people nowadays, regardless of their age. As a rule, these two disorders are related: stress causes poor sleep quality, which itself generates stress during the day. Whether the stress is temporary or chronic, food supplements are a natural alternative based on plants, vitamins and minerals to reduce the disorders and help resume calm and serenity.

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Which food supplement to choose for stress and sleep?

A hormone produced by the epiphysis, melatonin plays a key role in our biological rhythm. Synthesized from serotonin, it makes us fall asleep and favors revitalizing sleep.
Stress, a rich diet or looking at screens in the night may disrupt its production and lead to sleep disorders.
Taking food supplements fo stress and the sleep can help promote melatonin production and make one feel relaxed just before going to bed.

Check out our selection of stress and sleep food supplements made with natural active ingredients, amino acids and magnesium to help maintain good quality sleep and make it faster to fall asleep

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