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The vaginal flora and the mucous membranes of women require precise care with a gentle pH level, to avoid imbalance and the appearance of disorders such as irritation, intimate dryness or the development of urinary tract infections. Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers you a range of intimate hygiene products, adapted to all needs to gently cleanse the intimate area on a daily basis and make you feel refreshed easily while doing your activities.

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Which intimate hygiene product to choose?

Ensuring personal hygiene when you are often on the move or at work is at times difficult. To help you resume comfort and well-being, we offer a range of hygienic wipes which don't need any rinsing to cleanse your mucous membranes and give you a cooling break as soon as you feel the need.
Also check out our selection of intimate soaps to ensure your daily cleaning gently, which are to your issues. To fight against intimate dryness, our vaginal moisturizers and lubricating gels, which shall prevent the feeling of discomfort and irritation. Last but not least, also discover our range of intimate soaps for little girls, specially formulated to take care of fragile and sensitive mucous membranes.

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