Food supplements for tanning

Your holidays are planned at a sunny spot, and you would like to prepare your skin before you leave, to curb the onset of sunburn and itching? tanning food supplements can help you limit issues related to the initial sun exposure, due to their richness in vitamins, minerals and carotenoids that help prepare the skin and enhance the tan when you come back from holidays.

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Which tanning capsule to choose?

Mainly recommended for very fair skin and responsive to sunlight, tanning capsules contain antioxidant molecules, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids which help restrict the emergence of free radicals generated by UV.

Made with lycopene, lutein or even vitamin E and B2, tanning food supplements helps protect cells from oxidative stress and gives an even tan and helps maintain normal skin.

Discover our range of capsules for tanning to consume as a cure 2 to 3 weeks before sun exposure. You can also continue the treatment during sun exposure and afterwards to help maintain your natural tan for a longer period.
Sun protection adapted to your skin type remains essential to protect your skin from the sunrays.

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