Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a combination of actions that help keep teeth beautiful, clean and healthy. Good oral hygiene essentially involves careful brushing of teeth which lasts 2 to 3 minutes after each meal, but also the use of oral accessories such as dental floss, the brushes, the mouthwashes or the oral irrigators to effectively get rid of all the food residues and reduce the formation of dental plaque.

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Which product to choose for hygiene and teeth cleaning?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers you a wide and complete range of oral products to ensure hygiene and teeth cleaning for the entire family and adapted to all needs.
Discover our selection of toothbrushes manual and electric toothbrushes adapted to all your problems but also our toothpastes for adults, but also for children.
To suit all needs, we also offer a range of teeth whitening products, a selection of products specially designed for dental appliances or to fight effectively against bad breath.
It must be reminded that optimal oral hygiene also involves a regular check-up of your teeth by your dentist, and regular descaling to prevent tartar formation.

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