Protections against incontinence

Urinary leaks are characterized by involuntary and uncontrollable losses of urine, due to which one has to wear protections specially adapted for incontinence. This phenomenon is mainly reserved for older women but it can also affect other age groups, which includes men. Wearing protections day and night helps limit the flow, neutralize the sensation of humidity and ensure comfort and serenity throughout the day and during daily activities.

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Which urinary protection to choose in case of incontinence?

Regardless of the type of you incontinence, your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of urinary protections in the form of panties or towels to ensure effective protection against leakage. Specially designed to protect you throughout the day, but also during the night, they adapt perfectly to your morphology and provide you with optimal support.
Thin and comfortable, our incontinence protections guarantee you the absorption of urinary leaks, but also limit the feeling of humidity and neutralize bad odors.

To ensure optimal intimate hygiene, also check out our products adapted to your needs such as our hygienic wipes , our intimate soaps or our hygienic protections.

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