Aromatherapy is a branch of natural medicine that consists of extracting the essences of plants, spices or resins by steam distillation. To make essential oils, one can use the whole plant, the flowers, the leaves or the seeds or the fruits. Highly concentrated and powerful, essential oils contain multiple molecules with many properties. Taken as a cure, they help maintain our physical and mental well-being.

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In view of the multitude of essential oils available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know which ones to choose! Several essential oils can meet a specific need. The choice of your essential oil will then be made according to your preferences in terms of odours, but also according to the most suitable method of use.
In diffusion in an essential oils diffuser, orally in the form of capsules or diluted in a vegetable oil, each essential oil has a method of use that must be respected to benefit safely of its numerous virtues. Cocooncenter offers a wide range of aromatherapy to meet your needs and preferences. Find all our unitary essential oils to combine with our bases, our essential oils synergies ready to use or our products care and relaxation. Discover also our books and DVD about aromatherapy to deepen your knowledge.

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