Anti-lice care

To effectively eliminate lice and nits present on the scalp in a long lasting manner, the use of Anti-lice shampoos alone won't always suffice to completely get rid of parasites. More powerful, anti-lice treatments involves applying products in the form of lotions or sprays and leaving it for several minutes for optimum action. After applying it on dry hair, an anti-lice shampoo completes the treatment but also untangles the hair with a lice comb.

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Which anti-lice treatment to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers you to check out a wide range of anti-lice treatments to effectively and durably eliminate lice and nits, along with our other anti-lice products.
Made with powerful active ingredients such as dimethicone or pyrethrin, they dehydrate and suffocate lice and nits in a matter of few minutes for rapid and targeted action. Created as a lotion, gel or even cream, our anti-lice treatments are rather effective in the event of a major infestation.

Also check out our lice treatments formulated with essential oils and vegetable oils to eliminate lice and nits in a more natural manner.

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