Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment Gel 100ml

Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment Gel 100ml

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100ml Bottle Applicator
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Directions for use

Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment Gel 100ml is a care that eliminates lice and nits in a single application of 15 minutes. It acts by asphyxiation by obstructing the airways of lice and nits.

Its cream texture doesn't flow and offers an easy rinsing.

Paraben free. Silicone-free. Without phenoxyethanol. Without neurotoxic chemical insecticide.

This box contains:

  • 1 Treating care whose cannula tube facilitates the application of the product as close as possible to the scalp and the roots where the lice and nits are found,
  • 1 protective cap that covers impregnated hair and prevents the product from coming into contact with furniture.

- A disposable charlotte to use only once,

- A fine steel comb to remove dead lice and nits.

Directions for use

This treatment is suitable for the whole family from 3 months, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Read carefully the instructions before use.

It is imperative to treat all family members at the same time.
Apply the product to dry hair as close as possible to the scalp, parting the strands of hair. Distribute the product all over the hair. Position the charlotte on the head and leave to act for 15 minutes.
Remove the charlotte, discard it, then comb the hair carefully from the root to remove the dead parasites. Wipe the comb after each pass with a handkerchief and rinse it regularly to remove dead lice and nits.
For better efficiency, it is possible to use a fine comb to remove dead parasites. Wash the hair once with your usual shampoo then rinse thoroughly, avoiding contact with the eyes.

After 7 days, check the hair for lice and nits. In case of re-infestation, carry out a new treatment.

Do not swallow.
Avoid all contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water.
A risk of allergy or sensitization to one of the components is always possible.

Store at a temperature below 40°C.

Do not exceed the expiry date indicated on the packaging.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Indication: Anti-lice and nits treatment. For the whole family (from 3 months).

Biococidicine® (mainly composed of coconut fatty acids), preservative, fragrance, excipients.

Preservative, Perfume, Excipients.

EAN Code 3518646042812
Form Cream
Presentation Bottle Applicator
Contents 100ml
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Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment Gel 100ml

Discover the brand

Parasidose, your specialist in the treatment of lice and nits!

The brand Parasidose proposes innovative, complete, efficient and rapid solutions to treat lice and nits.

Thanks to Parasidose, parents have a solution to the lice problems of their children! A 100% efficient solution decomposed in 3 steps: the treatment of nits present on the scalp (treating care, fine comb, shampoo and detangling balm), the treatment of lice present in the environment (home spray) and the prevention (repulsive lotion).

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