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Slimming draining food supplements

Just like detoxifying, slimming drainers help you during your weight loss. Due to the natural active ingredients known for their diuretic properties, the drainers makes it easy to get rid of the excess water in the body. There are several benefits: they act on water retention, activate the body's elimination organs (emunctories) to facilitate the evacuation of toxins and help get rid of cellulite. The special slimming drainers are used in the form of a cure which lasts several days to several weeks.

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How to choose an effective drainer?

Ideal to use during seasonal changes or before rebalancing the diet, the drainer comes in several forms. It is most often in the form of vials, sachets, capsules or even ready-to-consume drinks throughout the day, which makes it adapt to all needs and take action in a continuous manner.
Choosing a drainer mainly takes place by choosing the extract and the form of the food supplement. To make it easy for kidneys to work but also favor getting rid of toxins, birch and meadow sweet will be advised. Green tea, pineapple and dandelion will be recommended to facilitate transit and speed-up fat burning.

Discover our range of effective slimming drainers to help your body to eliminate toxins more effectively and contribute to your well-being.

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