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Sugar trappers

Like the fat trappers, the sugar trappers are in the form of food supplements which need to be taken before, during or after the meal, depending on the option you choose. Made with natural active ingredients from herbal medicine such as burdock or gymnema, sugar trappers reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines to prevent their storage in the body in case of a high intake. As a ad-hoc treatment, they help control weight effectively and naturally.

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How to choose an effective sugar blocker?

Taken in the form of tablets, sachets, vials or capsules, sugar trapper food supplements modulate the absorption of sugars and starch and stops their transformation into fat.
sugar trappers can be used in prevention of a heavy meal, as part of a slimming diet to help reduce the calorie intake, or stabilize the weight and avoid regaining the lost pounds.
Certain products take a more global action on the body combined with several plants with detoxifying virtues, which shall both control the absorption of carbohydrates, promote detoxification of the body and reduce cravings for snacking.

Discover our selection of sugar trappers food supplements in different packaging to help you control and stabilize your weight.

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