Flower essences

Invented by Doctor Bach during the beginning of the 20th century, Bach flowers are flower essences obtained through solarization. Each of the 38 flower essences that we offer you on our online Cocooncenter French pharmacy, responds to a specific emotional state. The flower essences can be used alone, combined with each other or directly purchased through the form of Bach flower mixtures. They are used as a course of several months which can be through a daily intake to help restore emotional balance.

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Which flower essences to choose?

To choose the Bach flower or the Bach flower mix that best meets your needs, it is key to do some introspection to identify the emotions you feel at a given time or the character traits that you would like to curb, to regain your emotional balance.
Shyness, self-confidence, irritability.. are some of the emotions that Bach flowers can help you manage on a daily basis. Also discover our blends of flower essences made up of several flowers that respond more specifically to a particular issue such as stress, menopause or sleep disorders.

Our flower essences are available in various forms: a dripper solution, roll-ons, in chewing gums or in the form of sprays, they accompany you throughout your daily activities as soon as the need may arise.

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