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After-sun anti-age care

Natural protection against the sunrays, our skin stops some of these rays and produces melanin to defend itself. Even with a sun protection, a tiny part of these penetrate our epidermis and create an imbalance on our DNA cells. This produces less collagen which maintains the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, not to mention the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for the aging of cells.

Which anti-age after sun care to choose?

In addition to a sunscreen which is applied regularly and adapted to one's skin type, the anti-aging after-sun care helps limit the formation of free radicals due to their formulation rich in antioxidants.
It also contains hyaluronic acid, omega or witch hazel extract with anti-aging and repairing properties, which shall help the skin to regenerate after sun exposure.

Discover our range of anti-aging after-sun care which needs to be applied after sun exposure to contribute to the regeneration of the skin and activate collagen production. In the form of a balm or serum, they adapt to all skin types and need to be applied to the face as well as the neckline right after, each sun exposure.

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