Daily products, shampoos allow cleaning the residues of pollution, dust, impurities but also excess sebum produced by the scalp. More than a cleansing hair care, shampoo is also a way to maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp, provided it is chosen depending on the hair type. Each type of hair requires specific active ingredients to meet their needs.

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Which shampoo to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of shampoos suitable for all hair types. Formulated by leading pharmaceutical companies, they allow you to both cleanse your scalp, but also take care of your hair.
Is your hair greasy, thin, lacking bounce? Opt for our shampoos for oily hair and volumizing which will help regulate sebum production, purify the scalp and provide lightness and suppleness to your hair. You can also use a dry shampoo between two regular shampoos to absorb excess sebum.
If you have dry hair, choose our nourishing and restorative shampoos which contain active ingredients rich in fatty acids and keratin. Last but not least, check out on our online store special junior shampoos, anti-dandruff or shine to regain radiance.

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