Hair conditioners

Used once or twice a week after shampoo , the conditioner has a dual action: it untangles hair to prevent knots and makes styling easier, and is in keeping with all hair types. Its composition rich in active ingredients makes it possible to moisturize and nourish the hair, making it flexible, bouncy and shiny and strengthening the hair. conditioners are available in various versions, compositions and scents to suit everyone.

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Which conditioner to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy encourages you to discover a wide range of conditioners suitable for all hair types to provide them with all the elements they need, to be healthy.
Do you have dry hair? Choose our conditioners untangling an nourishing rich in vegetable oils which will deeply nourish the hair fiber and make hair drying easier. Is your hair thin and does it lack volume? Head towards volume conditioners to boost and densify hair. Last but not least, if your hair is dull, opt for a shine conditioner to provide suppleness and shine.

Also check out our range of shampoos and hair care to use in combination with our conditioner and keep your hair healthy!

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