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Vegetable oils

Widely used in organic and natural cosmetics, vegetable oils offer many properties on the skin thanks to their rich composition of fatty acids and vitamins. If they can be applied as they are on the skin, integrated in facial or hair cares, they are also great bases to effectively dilute essential oils before skin application on the face, body or hair.

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Which vegetable oil to choose?

Such as essential oils, vegetable oils are available in multiple products, that are not all suitable for each skin type.
To enjoy the benefits of essential oils coupled with the benefits of vegetable oils, it is therefore necessary to choose the latter according to the type of skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, opt for emollient vegetable oils like sweet almond or argan oil to soothe the skin and nourish it. Oily combination skins will prefer fluid oils such as jojoba or hazelnut oil.
To dilute essential oils in hair care, the vegetable oils of coconut, argan or avocado will deeply nourish your hair without weighing it down.

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