Covering products for acne

Teenage years, unbalanced diet, stress or hormonal imbalance disturb our body. Sometimes it reacts by producing too much sebum, which can lead to the appearance of imperfections such as pimples or blackheads. Quite bothersome and more or less painful, they can be easily treated with covering products specially designed to dry them out and hide them. After a few days, the pimple disappears smoothly, without leaving a scar on the skin.

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Which concealer stick or pimple cover to choose?

Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers you a wide range of concealer sticks and pimple covers to help you hide your imperfections and make them disappear quickly without leaving marks on the skin. Made up of several antibacterial, drying and sanitizing active ingredients such as zinc, vitamin PP or rosemary and tea-tree essential oils, our products purify pores and quickly soothe inflammation.
Made as a pen, paste, stick or classic treatment, our acne concealers take action instantly and naturally on the skin and hide acne without leaving a trace.

Also check out on our online store our selection of anti-blemish products, our exfoliants not to mention our sebum-regulating treatments to limit the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

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