Food supplements for hair and nails

Stress, hormonal imbalance, dietary deficiencies or even the use of aggressive hair care make an impact on our scalp and the quality of our nails. Hair loss, dryness, soft and brittle nails or itching are common symptoms of an imbalance and can last for several months depending on the cause. To complete the action of hair care targeted, the food supplements for hair and nails act in synergy to properly reduce these inconveniences.

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Which dietary supplement to choose for healthy hair and nails?

In the form of tablets or capsules, food supplements for hair and nails contain many amino acids, vitamins and nutrients which work hand in hand.
To fight against hair loss, vitamin B6 and B9 in our food supplements with zinc and promotes hair growth in a completely natural manner.
As for food supplements contain brewer's yeast or keratin, they will stimulate the scalp and strengthen brittle nails.

Check out our selection of food supplements for hair and nails made with ingredients known for their re-balancing and toning properties. In the form of capsules or tablets, these supplements are to be taken as a cure for several weeks to obtain long lasting and effective results.

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