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Hair styling

Prepared in several forms to suit the needs of each hair type and all texture preferences, styling products offer several actions. It is applied on the hair to fix the hairstyle, these are enriched with many active ingredients to take care of the hair on a daily basis. They provide volume, hair structure, bounce and control rebellious strands, without leaving any residue or greasy effect.

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Which hair styling product to choose?

To adapt to all hairstyles and hair, your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers a wide range of styling products.
Pick your product depending on your needs. We offer a range of styling foams to redesign curls, bring volume to thin hair and avoid frizz. Do you have short hair and want a destructured effect? Opt for our styling gels with several levels of fix, to create a modern hairstyle that will last the entire day.

Last but not least, check out our range of styling creams to fix all types of hairstyles and make your hair nourishing and moisturizing through its active ingredients. In the form of balm, wax or spray, certain styling products are also enriched with vitamins, keratin and proteins to help keep your hair healthy.

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