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Bath salts and pebbles

Enriched with minerals, bath salts have been used since Ancient times for their beneficial virtues both for the body, but also the skin. Nowadays, bath salts are available in several scented and colored versions to ensure well-being and relaxation. Depending on the type of bath salt or the effervescent pebble you choose, the products that we offer on our online store offer several properties, in keeping with your desires and preferences.

Which bath salt or effervescent pebble to choose?

Discover our range of bath salts and effervescent pebbles with targeted actions that adapt to your needs. Relaxing or soothing, the bath salts we offer you shall provide you with moments of relaxation. Packaged in the form of pearls to melt in the bath, you will simply enjoy all their benefits.
Richer in minerals, opt for bath salts based on Dead Sea salt which will help stimulate skin healing, mainly recommended in cases of acne or eczema.

The bath salts and effervescent pebbles which we offer you on Cocooncenter need to be dissolved in bath water. The effect of heat will then allow the salts to release their properties and diffuse their scents.

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