Children's shower gel and shampoos

More sensitive and fragile than adult skin, children's skin requires appropriate care for daily cleansing of the skin and hair. 2-in-1 formulas, certified organic products or even soothing shower gels, check out our selection of children's shower gels, bubble bath and shampoos. Adapted to the needs of toddlers and adults, our cleaning products offer refreshing textures and smells for a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

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Which shower gel, shampoo or bubble bath for children to choose?

Choose your shower gel, shampoo or children's bubble bath according to your child's age, skin type and desires. For the little ones, opt for soap and sulfates-free formulas, dermatologically tested, to take care of sensitive skin and prevent skin dryness.
Right from 4 years old and for older children, you can turn to products with more pleasant textures and gourmet fragrances to turn showering or bathing, into a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Also discover our range of children's shampoos and 2-in-1 certified organic shower gels. Made from natural ingredients, their gentle composition respects both your child's skin and the environment.

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