Shower gels

Praised for its practical aspects compared to soap, shower gel is associated with a concept of well-being and pleasure due to increasingly sophisticated formulations, textures and fragrances. Enriched with surfactants, it effectively cleanses the skin and comes in multiple versions suitable for all skin types and tastes. Some shower gels have in addition to their cleansing function other exfoliating, nourishing or even multi-purpose properties.

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Which shower gel to choose in a French pharmacy?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of shower gels suitable for all skin types to take care of the entire family.
If you have dry and sensitive skin, opt for so-called ultra-rich or fragrance-free shower gels to nourish your skin without attacking it and to prevent skin dryness.
Combination or oily skin shall prefer shower gels with purifying and exfoliating properties, to eliminate excess sebum and reduce imperfections.
If you have a normal skin, turn to gourmet textures and pronounced fragrances for a moment of absolute well-being and relaxation.

Also check out our selection of organic shower gels made without aggressive surfactants to naturally wash your skin and help protect the environment!

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