Hydroalcoholic gel

Mainly used in the medical and hospital environment, to prevent the spread of nosocomial diseases, hydroalcoholic gel is democratized and effectively limits the transmission of viruses and bacteria through hands, the main vectors of contamination. Very useful for daily hand cleaning or during trips or public transport, hydroalcoholic gels are available in multiple fragrances, sizes and textures which suit individual preferences.

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Which antibacterial gel/hydroalcoholic gel to choose?

Choosing an antibacterial gel / hydroalcoholic gel will depend mainly on your preferences and your lifestyle. If you are used to taking public transport several times a day and on a daily basis, choose a hydro-alcoholic gel in small sizes, easy to carry and during all circumstances.
To ensure impeccable hand hygiene at home and for the entire family, opt for more generous and more economical pump dispensers.

Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy reminds you that using antibacterial gels / hydroalcoholic gels must remain occasional and not replace traditional hand washing with soap and water.

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