Soaps and bars for intimate hygiene

Key for optimal hygiene and adapted to the mucous membranes, intimate soaps and bars in the form of bars or gels are specifically formulated for a gentle cleansing with a pH level that respects the one of the skin and mucous membranes. Used on a daily basis, intimate toilet soap will allow you to ensure optimal hygiene, in association with hygienic wipes and the vaginal moisturizers in case of dryness. Available in several versions, these products are perfectly in keeping with your needs.

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Which intimate toilet soap for women to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide selection of intimate toilet soaps and bars adapted to all needs: freshness, hydration, extra-mild or antibacterial, our products are available in various versions respond effectively to your problems and ensure effective intimate cleaning.
Made in the form of bars, gels or lotions gynaecologically tested, our intimate soaps and bars are used on a daily basis, in the shower to gently cleanse the mucous membranes, moisturize and maintain the intimate flora balance. To properly use your intimate soap, refer to the indications of the chosen product. Also check out our selection of natural intimate toilet soaps and bars made from organic ingredients to help preserve the environment.

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