Intimate wipes

Ideal for ensuring optimal intimate hygiene throughout the day, intimate wipes can be taken everywhere with you and are very easy to use. Specially designed to gently cleanse intimate outer mucous membranes, they are available in various versions to suit all needs and preferences for daily or occasional use. Very practical, they do not require rinsing. Some wipes are biodegradable and limit the impact on the environment.

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Which hygienic wipe to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of hygienic wipes adapted to all needs. Antibacterial, soft, extra-soft or even moisturizing wipes, you will find the intimate wipes which are perfectly in keeping with your requirements.
Also check out our hygienic wipes packaged in individual sizes to ensure your personal hygiene, regardless of your activity or where you are.

To properly use hygienic wipes, cleaning must be done on the private external parts, using light and gentle movements, to avoid attacking mucous membranes. Also discover our intimate hygiene soaps to complete your daily cleaning.

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