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Hygiene products for sports

Regular or occasional physical activity requires getting adapted to a specific hygiene to eliminate all traces of perspiration, facilitate recovery and avoid possible irritations. Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers a range of sports hygiene products specially adapted to the needs of athletes. Made in several forms, they are formulated with natural active ingredients to take care of your body, regardless of the sports you practice.

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Which sports hygiene product to choose?

Check out our hygiene products on our online store in the form of shower gels. With their composition rich in energizing or soothing active ingredients and essential oils, they facilitate recovery after exercise, remove impurities from skin and hair and help tone the body.
Also check out our specific products for the feet such as tanning, to be used a few weeks before a marathon or a sports competition or the waterless cleansing lotion, ideal to take on a hike.

Cocooncenter also offers a complete range of cosmetic treatments to discover and take care of your face, body, hair and feet every day, regardless of your skin type and needs.

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