Food supplements against stress

Our body's defense reaction when it perceives something as a threat, stress can turn into a chronic issue and cause a number of emotional disorders, but also physical ones. Irritability, muscle spasms, sleep, migraines or digestive disorders are common. Social, professional or personal life pressure constantly exposes us to stressful situations, which can at times be overwhelming and give us the impression of losing control, if they last too long.

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Which anti-stress food supplement to choose?

To fight against stress, several food supplements can help you, such as supplements containing magnesium and vitamin B6 food supplements. Others are made with amino acids, Bach flowers or plant extracts known for their relaxing and soothing properties. These include lemon balm, hawthorn and poppy which help relieve tension, promote sleep and take part in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

anti-stress food supplements available on Cocooncenter are offered in several forms to meet all requirements and preferences. In capsules, tablets or sticks, these are used as a course of several weeks, which need to be renewed if need be.

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