Elmex Anti-Cavities InterX Toothbrush Medium Duo Pack

Elmex Anti-Cavities InterX Toothbrush Medium Duo Pack

by Elmex
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Elmex Anti-Cavities InterX Toothbrush Medium Duo Pack is a set of 2 toothbrushes, whose X-shaped bristles, longer, allow deep cleaning even in the interdental spaces.

This toothbrush cleans gently thanks to the rounded ends of the bristles and an ergonomic handle.

Directions for use

It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

Indication: Dental hygiene, dental plaque. Adults and children over 12.
Form Toothbrush
Presentation Blister
Contents 2 toothbrushes
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Elmex Anti-Cavities InterX Toothbrush Medium Duo Pack

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The Elmex brand proposes a range of innovative and high quality oral hygiene products. Elmex Anti-Decay Protection: toothpastes and dental solutions composed of Olafluor amin fluoride, an active principle which rapidly binds the enamel and offers more resistance to the teeth in case of acid attack of bacteria from the dental plaque. Elmex Erosion Protection: this system offers to the enamel an optimal protection against acid attacks coming from food and drink, or from gastric origin. Elmex Sensitive: this system perfectly and gently cleanses teeth. It contributes to reduce dental sensitiveness and enhances the prevention of decay.

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