Estipharm Kessa Glove

Estipharm Kessa Glove

1 glove Sachet - 2 colours available
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Estipharm Kessa Glove is a massage glove in synthetic fibres which will allow you to massage you during your shower.

This glove allow you to relax you and to recover a soft skin and removed from all its impurities. It allows also to cleanse your skin in deepness while getting rid of dead cells and to favor the renew of skin cells. A regular massage with this glow favor and activate the bloodstream and avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Directions for use

It is recommended to use the massage glove two times per week. Under the shower or in the bath, massage-you with circular movements from the bottom to the top on a wet skin.

Protective packaging to keep. Once your glove is dry, keep it in your original packaging.

Indication: Hygiene, beauty and health of the body.

Synthetic fibers.

Presentation Sachet
Contents 1 glove
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Estipharm Kessa Glove

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