Mavala 8 Emery Boards

Mavala 8 Emery Boards

by Mavala
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Mavala 8 Emery Boards are flexible emery nail files to follow the curvature of the nails and prevent them from splitting.

The rough side is used for pre-imageing long, thick or hard nails. The thin side is recommended to give the nail the desired shape and achieve a soft finish.

Ideal for the beauty of your nails, these files are very practical to use.

Directions for use

Use the thinner face, in long and light strokes, from the edge to the center, to give the nails the desired shape.
To maintain the strength of the nail, do not overfile the outer sides of the free edge.
To finish, remove any roughness by making small vertical movements, from bottom to top and top to bottom, with the end of the file. It also allows the layers of the nail to be 'soldered together'.

Indication: Nails beauty.
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Mavala 8 Emery Boards

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