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Nipple care and protection

During breastfeeding, your nipples may be sore, chapped, and cracked due to breastfeeds. To provide you with relief and allow you to find comfort and well-being during your baby's breastfeeding, your Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers you a selection of nipple care and nipple protectors. Designed by the leading brands such as Avent, Chicco or Medela, you will find a complete range, which shall accompany you during your breastfeeding.

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Nipple care and nipple protectors, why use these?

Nipple care moisturizes, softens and repairs weakened nipples due to breastfeeding. Especially formulated to protect and revitalize the skin, in case of cracks, pain or skin dryness, our creams created for breastfeeding nipples helps soothe the skin and resume a feeling of comfort during breastfeeding.

The nipple protectors, protect the nipples and provide a genuine feeling of comfort during the baby's breastfeeding by preserving the breast from suckling and tightness. It is available in several sizes, to properly adapt to your baby's age, our nipple protectors offer a quick handling and ergonomic, to make breastfeeding easier, without bothering the baby while breastfeeding.

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