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Breast-pumps and accessories

Breast-pumps are key accessories when you want to continue breastfeeding your baby but you can no longer ensure breastfeeding upon request. The breast pump makes it possible to collect breast milk, which can then be stored for later use. It is available in two operating modes, the manual breast-pumps, and the electronic breast-pumps, more expensive, but also more efficient.

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Which manual or electric breast pump to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French Pharmacy offers a wide range of manual or electric breast-pumps manufactured by leading brands like Medela, Dodie or Avent. Our range of breast-pumps come in many forms, with manual breast-pumps, electric breast-pumps or shells to match your budgets and preferences.
All our products are designed to properly adapt to your body shape and provide optimal breast milk collection, while ensuring your comfort. Generally speaking, we recommend electric breast-pumps at the beginning, as the milk collection is at times complicated when the mother is not used to it yet. Moreover, check out our online store for a selection of breast pump accessories such as transport bags, valves or replacement membranes, to extend your device's life.

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