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To clean your baby's bums, several solutions do exist: you can either opt for the classic method with a soft cotton combined with a suitable cleaning product, or for baby wipes. More practical to use, they offer quick cleaning as they are already soaked in a cleaning solution. They can be used to clean the face, body or hands, and you can take them everywhere, due to their packaging in the form of a resealable bag.

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Which baby wipe to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a range of baby wipes manufactured by the leading childcare brands such as Mustela, Uriage, Dodie or Pampers. Our baby wipes are soaked in with a gentle, delicately scented cleansing solution that shall cleanse your baby's skin without harming it. Hypoallergenic, these generally don't have any phenoxyethanol, to minimize allergy risks, and contain natural ingredients such as chamomile to leave the skin soft and soothe any irritation. Some wipes are biodegradable to minimize the impact on the environment, others are washable wipes to reduce waste.

Check out our range on our online store diaper creams and Liniments to use in addition to our baby wipes to favor optimal daily hygiene.

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