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Depilatory creams

Softer and less restrictive than epilators or razors, depilatory creams contain chemical agents that destroy the hair at the root quickly and painlessly. depilatory creams are quite effective on fine hair, although they can be used by everyone. Wax will be more recommended for long-lasting hair removal, although a little more painful. Cold or hot wax strips can be used on all areas of the body, if need be.

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Which depilatory cream or depilation wax to choose?

Choose your depilatory cream according to your skin type and the area you want to depilate.
Sensitive skin, dry skin, special face or bikini line, discover our selection of products specially designed to adapt to all your needs and preferences.
Cocooncenter also offers a wide range of depilation waxes from leading brands like Veet products or Klorane. Use cold wax for more fragile areas such as the face or bikini line, and hot wax for larger zones such as the legs or arms.
The depilation wax strips are used by applying them directly to the skin, by following the hair growth, before removing them very quickly.

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