Bleaching creams

You want to hide light vellus hair or postpone the step for a few days hair removal or shaving? Discover the bleaching creams! Practical and effective, they allow you to bleach your hair quickly for a more aesthetic visual rendering. The bleaching creams that we offer on Cocooncenter are suitable for all regions of the body, as well on the down as on the hair of the legs or arms, and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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Which bleaching cream to choose?

Choose your bleaching cream according to your needs and the body zone, where you wish to conceal your vellus hair or hide your hair. Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy also offers multi-purpose bleaching creams for face and body and in keeping with all needs.

Discover our selection of products suitable for all skin types to effectively and quickly remove your vellus hair or conceal hair. Bleaching creams are very easy to use, simply by applying the product to the affected area. Then wait a few minutes depending on the instructions for your cream, and then remove the product with a spatula before gently rinsing and drying your skin.

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