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Anti-bag care for eyes

Caused by insufficient sleep, fat storage or an unbalanced lifestyle, puffiness generally appears upon awakening and can trigger more or less pronounced swelling of the skin. The bags give a tired look to the eyes, and can be the source of complexes when they take root permanently on the face. Applying an anti-puffiness cream will help decongest and drain out the area around the eye to resume a fresher look.

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Which anti-puff care to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of anti-puffiness creams manufactured by the leading brands like Liérac, Bioderma, Bio Beauté or Sanoflore. Our anti-puffiness care contain a combination of soothing, decongestant, invigorating not to mention draining ingredients such as green tea, ginger or vitamin K to stimulate blood micro-circulation and effectively reduce puffiness. Some anti-puffiness creams are also enriched with other anti-aging, lipolytic or anti-blue light active ingredients to provide additional properties, depending on your needs.
To maximize the effectiveness of your anti-puffiness treatment, our French pharmacy advises you to apply your product by lightly tapping all around the eye area, to help stimulate micro-circulation and promote the penetration of active ingredients.

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