Anti-dark circles

Mostly caused by an unbalanced lifestyle, lack of sleep or through heredity, dark circles emerge and one perceives these through brown or bluish circles around the eyes in a more or less pronounced manner. To de-congest the area around the eye and revive blood microcirculation, applying concealer creams on a daily basis can effectively reduce these and prevent their reappearance. Some products are also enriched with other active ingredients to offer complementary properties.

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Which concealer cream to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of concealer cream packaged in the form of gels, roll-ons, patches or even pens to detoxify the skin, give a glow to the look and naturally reduce the appearance of dark circles. Made with decongestant, moisturizing and stimulating active ingredients, our products manufactured by leading cosmetic care brands offer several actions to both reduce dark circles, but also unify the contours of the eyes or get rid of fatigue signs. Some concealer creams are also tinted to help you hide your dark circles, depending on your skin tone.
To maximize the effectiveness of your cream against dark circles, our pharmacist advises you to apply it by lightly tapping it all around the eye area, from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

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