Oils and lotions for hair

To take care of your hair on a daily basis, using shampoos and conditioners is not always enough when your hair has specific needs. Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers a range of hair oils and lotions which do not require rinsing, to help maintain healthy and shiny hair. Heat protective spray, coconut oil, beauty cream or rinse vinegar, our selection adapts to all needs and preferences.

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Which hair lotion or oil to choose?

To nourish the hair or speed up growth, the weekly use of vegetable oils such as coconut oil or castor oil in the form of an oil bath allows to re-hydrate naturally damaged hair and stimulate the scalp.
Lotions which don't need any rinsing are used as a finishing hair treatment and suit all kinds of needs. You can find toning hair lotions to slow down hair loss, care creams to protect the hair fiber or styling lotions to apply before drying with a heating device.

Also check out on our online store our ranges of shampoos and conditioners to complete your hair routine.

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