Hair care

Using heating devices often, stress, aggressive hair products or repeated dyeing can affect your hair's health. To provide them with all the nutrients they need depending on their nature, using hair care such as serums or oils in addition to the classic shampoo and conditioner helps keep them in good health. Nourished, supple and moisturized, they reflect more light and are better protected from external aggression.

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Which hair care to choose?

To help maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair, your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of hair care tailored to your needs.
Choosing a hair care is done depending on your hair type, to provide optimal and long lasting results. If you have dry hair, we advise you to opt for masks rich in moisturizing active ingredients and vegetable oils to apply after or before your nourishing shampoo and revitalize your hair and prevent split ends.
To be used as a finishing treatment, our lotions and serums offer a precise and powerful answer to common hair issues. Last but not least, also check out on our online store our hair treatments for children to facilitate disentangling and avoid knots.

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