Nasal sprays against cold

In case of cold, allergic rhinitis or cold snaps, the respiratory tracts are very often congested, which prevents to breathe well. This can also have effects on daily life with a sleep of less good quality, a tiredness sensation more or less chronic, and the appearance of more important disorders as sinusitis. The use of a nasal spray allows to rapidly find comfort and to limit mucus hypersecretion.

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Which nasal decongestant to choose?

Your on line pharmacy Cocooncenter proposes you a wide range of nasal decongestants in form of sprays, isotonic solution, balms or also inhaler sticks to adapt to your lifestyle and allow you to find respiratory comfort. Made by the greatest brands as Mercurochrome, Gifrer, Puressentiel or ProRhinel, our contribute to decongest nose and bronchus, and to help you to better breathe.
Some decongestant products for the nose offer a triple action, with both decongestant effect, but also soothing and thinner to facilitate mucus evacuation and soothe nasal mucosa, often irritated in case of cold or rhinitis.

Find also on our shop, our selection of products developed for lavage nasal in order to optimise breathing and limit bacteria development.

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